Seamless tech – for seamless care

As a support service provider, chances are, you’re bogged down by endless labour-intensive manual processes.

There’s the challenge of time-consuming rostering. Capturing – and sharing – information without delay. And meeting important tracking and compliance requirements.

On top of this, you need to assure your clients’ families that their loved ones are being cared for. At a standard they expect.

With customisable apps that you can pick and choose according to your needs, VIPS Care will help you tackle all the above – and more.

The Rosters & Administration app

Eradicate costly manual processes with our smart and efficient rostering tool.

With VIPS Care, you can quickly and easily create a support worker’s roster. And as soon as it’s ready, your support worker can see that roster on their devices in real time.

The roster is also visible to your client and their advocates via the Client Portal.

App features:
  • Select support worker according to client need
  • Schedule rosters with a simple drag-and-drop interface
  • See services delivered for the selected period with a clear, colour-coded system
  • Instantly view cost-per-shift and revenue generated from a rostered service
  • Stay notified of client requests in real time
  • Set specific tasks for support workers
  • Easily match support worker locations with client addresses to minimise travel times
  • Organise your support workers’ days to maximise productivity
  • View a list of available support staff with the skills that match a specific request
  • Instantly update and share care-critical information – including care-relevant doctor’s notes, goals, care plans, and important contacts
  • Access the resource library, which includes policies, operations
    and training documents, images and videos

The Home Visit app

Keep documents and notes handy, so your team is informed about client status and services previously delivered.

You can notify your clients’ family members and advocates whenever a support worker visits – giving them peace of mind that the services are in progress.

This app also allows the support worker to record service details and update relevant information from the visit. These are then shared with subsequent support workers, so they know how to assist each client.

All information recorded is instantly available in the Head Office
Reporting Portal – as well as in the Client Portal.

App features:
  • Access secure messaging between care coordinator and support worker
  • Attach client-specific documents with permissions to view
  • Enable automatic SMS alerts to notify clients’ family members and advocates when support staff arrive and leave
  • Record observational metrics such as hygiene, functional capacity and other wellbeing and safety indicators quickly and clearly
  • Monitor progress towards goals
  • Add photographs, text notes and client signature (if applicable)
  • Allow support worker to order consumable supplies or recommend equipment needs
  • Confirm carers’ locations via GPS for compliance recording
  • Export timesheets for payroll and invoicing
  • Capture carers’ additional expenses (e.g. car expenses for a trip outside the home)
  • Access reports at the click of a button for auditing purposes

The Client Portal app

This app makes it easy for clients and their families to see services planned and delivered.

They can also access key information – including the support worker’s details, weekly rosters and observational metrics – all in one place.

And above all, your clients’ families will rest assured that their loved one is receiving the care they’ve paid for. At a standard they expect.

App features:
  • Provide clients and their family members or advocates with service transparency (e.g. an optional SMS notification when the support worker arrives and leaves)
  • View weekly rosters, basic carer details and other relevant information recorded during visits
  • See support worker notes (including observational metrics and photographs), so clients and their families understand the support being provided and know how they or their loved ones are doing
  • Contact care coordinator directly via communications channel
  • View printable roster of planned visits
  • Access monthly statements

The Service Approvals app

Get ready to simplify complex invoicing processes – with this app.

You’ll be able to quickly account for service costs and import this detail into your invoicing software.

What’s more, because you’ll be reconciling and sending invoices faster, you’ll also speed up receipt of government funds for services delivered.

App features:
  • Decrease the cost and time involved in reconciling delivered services
  • Process invoices promptly – and receive government reimbursements sooner
  • Instantly approve completed services
  • Present your clients’ care package reconciliations in a simple report – to help them manage costs and make changes as required
  • Integrate with your accounting package

The Care Needs & Risk Management app

Reduce risk and improve your compliance recording with this completely trackable, in-field application.

Our assessment tool lets you update client care needs, so they get the support they need – while you understand associated risks.

To assist your support workers in minimising risk and completing mandatory reporting, they can instantly record risks and incidents at their clients’ homes. And all results are immediately available in the Risk Management portal for manager response, analysis and auditing.

Through this section of the app, you can assess risk and, in the case of incidents, provide details. You can also enact next steps to manage the current situation, to prevent similar incidents in the future.

App features:
  • Minimise risk through frequent and transparent client data
  • Assist support workers with mitigating risk by understanding client status
  • Enable quick response to incidents with instant notifications to managers
  • Run evidence-based reports for audit and accreditation
  • Access comprehensive performance reports to improve efficiencies, standards of care and meet compliance
  • View real-time insights and data in a clear and simple format
  • Access incident reports in an instant to manage incidents, meet compliance requirements – and protect your organisation

The Feedback & Complaints app

What do clients really think about your service? What is their actual experience?

Whether it’s glowing feedback or serious complaints, you need – and deserve – to know it all. Only then can you uphold standards, especially when it comes to mandated reporting.

App features:
  • Allow clients and their family to submit feedback quickly and easily
  • Send feedback direct to managers
  • Provide client or family member with survey for quality care evaluation
  • Ensure incident reports receive appropriate and rapid response
  • Cross match incident data to track trends
  • Meet expectations of aged and disability quality standards commissions

Time to boost efficiency – and improve your aged or disability home care support services?