Bringing proven technology to the aged and disability home care support services market

VIPS Care was founded in 2022. But our story really began back in 1987 – with VIPS International.

An idea long time coming

Through VIPS International, our founders Doug Dick and Bruce Anderson transformed the way mobile workforces operate through smart technology.

They always recognised the potential of their platform for the home care market. But it wasn’t until their respective parents began to age that they saw the industry’s gaping inefficiencies – up close.

So much so, that they decided to switch their proven solution for other industries to meet the specific needs and challenges of home care.

And that’s how VIPS Care was born.

Backed by the best

Digitised processes. Real-time information. And user-friendly hand-held technology to help businesses with mobile workforces meet – and exceed – compliance standards.

It’s no wonder VIPS has been an influential technology provider across industries for so long.

From cosmetics and FMCG to retail and on-the-road sales, whatever the industry, the problem we solve is always the same: making complex processes simpler.

Now, thanks to VIPS Care, support service providers can reap the rewards too. And enjoy productivity, communication and transparency like never before.

Addressing your biggest challenges

Today, our team is made up of people with professional knowledge of aged and disability home care support services, so we know the real issues you face, firsthand.

Above all, we understand – and respond to – the key concerns raised in the Royal Commissions into the aged and disability sectors.

We’ve designed our application to transform the way you operate aged or disability home care support services. And it addresses the key challenges: risk management, accountability, cost, compliance and complaints – evidenced by dashboard-style reporting of all data at the click of a button.

We also make it a priority to respond to changes in regulatory requirements quickly – so you can keep up.

Creating a solution for your situation

It’s not us. It’s you. (Our priority, that is.)

At VIPS Care, it’s always about first understanding your operational processes, pain points and challenges. Then, we provide customised solutions to solve your organisation’s efficiency problems – in a cost-effective way.

Inexpensive customisation. That’s our strength. And our commitment.

Keeping it easy and hassle-free

We strive to solve inefficiency problems. Not contribute to them.

That’s why our software is easy to understand. Easy to integrate. And easy to use.

Our secure technology platform can be connected to your existing backend systems – so there’s no need for a complete IT overhaul. We become an extension of your IT department.

The best part? We also provide training – so your team knows how to use our platform from the start.

Technology with a human touch

Anytime you need help, we’ll be right here waiting for you – a team of experienced, highly trained humans (not AI, not bots) with expert knowledge about our application.

You can contact us via our online helpdesk, or over the phone.

Whichever way you choose, you can expect the same outcome: high quality and responsive service – and your questions immediately addressed.

Time to boost efficiency – and improve your aged or disability home care support services?