Looking for a new software solution for your home care organisation? Here are 5 non-negotiables.

Looking for a new software solution for your home care organisation? Here are 5 non-negotiables.

As the IT manager of your home care organisation, you’re the go-to gatekeeper for all things tech. And that’s a tough job.

Especially if you’re managing multiple platforms and problems. Or constantly let down by external IT providers. Or stuck with software that creates more problems than it solves – a very common story.

So, if you’re on the lookout for a new software solution – and partner – you need to go in with your eyes wide open. Read on to learn the 5 non-negotiables to make your search a cinch.

Non-negotiable #1: A local, Australian-based solution

When it comes to choosing your software partner, go local.

Why? Because Australian-based providers have a unique understanding of the Australian market – and any government regulations associated with storing and handling private medical records.

Then there’s the turnaround time on troubleshooting.

Sure, some problems can be diagnosed and solved remotely. But when things get complicated, there’s no substitute for live, onsite service delivered fast.

For home care technology, you need a solution that is specifically designed for Australian aged care and disability requirements – tailored to your organisation and supported by local service.

Non-negotiable #2: Support throughout the transition

Intuitive integrations. Self-serve data migration. Plug and play. All these terms sound lovely and empowering – until they don’t work. And you can’t find any support.

With the right software solution, your data migration experience will be seamless. That means local experts who personally upload your data into the new system and ensure no errors happen during implementation.

But if there are bumps along the way? Your partner should have support at hand to respond immediately – ensuring no hold-ups or compromise in client care. Which leads to our next non-negotiable.

Non-negotiable #3: A responsive helpdesk – with humans, not bots

Check that the software provider has a helpdesk to respond to your questions or problems quickly. Even better? A helpdesk staffed by humans who will answer your call – and, if needed, connect you with a local programmer who can address your problem directly.

After all, there’s nothing more irritating than trying to explain to a bot that the rostering interface has, in the words of your admin team, gone ‘berserk’.

A human-based helpdesk ensures you’ll be able to resolve any issues quickly, without an endless stream of raised service tickets – or eternal wait times.

Non-negotiable #4: Comprehensive training and resources

A good software provider will hold your hand throughout the implementation stage. But a great provider will also support you afterwards – and not leave you stranded once the program is in place.

That’s why you must insist on thorough training and comprehensive resources to address any issues you can think of (and then some). And not just through pre-recorded modules, but also through in-person or live, online training.

Non-negotiable #5: An all-in-one complete package

Is your team having to key in the same data multiple times in multiple systems? This not only means additional admin work for your staff – but also increased risk of human error.

Plus, as the IT manager, that’s a lot of systems you need to learn to manage. And a lot of problems to troubleshoot.

Look for a home care software provider that offers an all-in-one solution – which efficiently handles rostering, communication, client care management and financials.

Easy. Effective. And efficient.

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